Monday, February 8, 2010


Sir Magdi Yacoub, President IACS and Nabil Dib, President of ISCTR

at the ISCTR meeting in San Diego, February, 2009

Dr. Naranjan S. Dhalla has been appointed to the Advisory Board of the International Society of Cardiovascular Translational Research (ISCTR). Dr. Dhalla as Executive Director of IACS has agreed to recognize the "Journal of Cardiovascular Translational Research" as an Official Journal of IACS.

A Memorandum of Understanding has been developed by Jennifer L. Hall, Ph.D. Vice President, ISCTR and Ivan Berkowitz, MBA, Director of Development, IACS to define and clarify the relationship between the IACS and the ISCTR. The two groups share a vision and a commitment to research and education. In brief, they seek to work in cooperation to further the Mission outlined below and to work toward the objective of setting up a shared management for raising funds, delivery of services and building the long-term viability of fulfilling this mission. The leadership of the organizations agree to work together the next twelve months with a focus on implementing the following objectives that will serve to accomplish the broader goals listed above:

1. Research

The goal is to establish research committees from both organizations to collaborate on research to help support the Mission. A goal will be for these committee members to work together to publish guidelines to move the field forward scientifically. The IACS and the ISCTR will work together in forming research committees each year to prioritize and review areas of focus - the committees will be formed in the fall, meet at the annual Summit Meeting in February, and have conference calls throughout the year to follow up.

2. Education

An educational committee will be formed to review and prioritize educational goals for the affiliated organizations. The main focus of this committee will be meetings, internet networking, the journal (JCTR) and training fellowships. This committee will include members from both organizations.

The goal is to support educational advancement of individuals and institutions that are committed to supporting the Mission. Both organizations will promote educational events and share information amongst members. Members of the IACS will be affiliated members of ISCTR and members of ISCTR will be affiliated members of the IACS. Links will be established between web sites of both organizations.

Plans are being developed for a brain-storming session during the Annual Meetings of A C C in Atlanta in March 2010.

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