Monday, September 20, 2010

Talks from 3rd Symposium on The FUTURE of HEART HEALTH

Sam Cohen Auditorium,

St. Boniface Hospital Research Centre
351 Tache Ave.
Saturday, September 25, 2010

Moderator: Richard Cloutier, News Director
CJOB 68, Manitoba's Information Superstation


8:45 am

Dr. Michel Tetreault – President & CEO, St. Boniface Hospital
Dr. Alan Menkis – Medical Director, Winnipeg Regional Health Authority Cardiac Sciences Program and Section Head of Cardiac Surgery, University of Manitoba

Session 1
What We Can Learn From The U.S. Health Care System, What They Can Learn From Us

9:00 am
The Honorable Senator Sharon Carstairs – Member of Canada’s Senate
Dr. Jeffrey Rich – Adult Cardiac Surgery, General Thoracic Surgery, Norfolk, Virginia
Discussion Panel: Dr. Hilary Grocott, Dr. Michael Mack

Session 2
Integrated Delivery Of Cardiac Care (Convergence)

10:00 am
Dr. Michael Mack – Chairman of the Board, Cardiopulmonary Research Science and Technology Institute; Medical Director Cardiovascular Services and Director of Transplantation, Medical City Dallas Hospital, Dallas, Texas
Dr. Arvind Koshal – Director of Development and External Affairs, Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute
Discussion Panel: Mr. Francis LaBossiere, Dr. Alan Menkis, Dr. David Taggart, Ms Sheila Bowles

Session 3
Hospitals, Are You Promoting Healthy Living in The Workplace ?

11:00 am
Dr. Sharon Macdonald - Department Head, Associate Professor, Department of Community Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, University of Manitoba
Discussion Panel: Dr. Arvind Koshal, Mr. Francis LaBossiere, Ms. Lorraine Avery

Session 4
Your Genes Can Tell Dosages You Need !

12:50 pm
Dr. Jennifer Hall – Associate Professor of Medicine; Director, Program in Translational Cardiovascular Genomics, Lillehei Heart Institute Developmental Biology Center, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
Discussion Panel: Ms. Susan Mertin, Dr. Pawan Singal, Dr. Ryan Zarychanski, Dr. Rob Ariano

Session 5
Making Your Heart Stand Still: Advances In MR Technology For Cardiac Diagnoses

Dr. Ian Smith – General Director, National Research Council Institute for Biodiagnostics, Winnipeg
Dr. John Saunders – Chief Scientific Officer, Founder of IMRIS, Winnipeg
Discussion Panel: Dr. Michael Mack, Dr. Davinder Jassal

3:00 pm – 4:00 pm
The Debate
Angioplasty and Stents are Better Revascularization Than Cardiac Surgery

Pro: Dr. John Ducas - Section of Cardiology, St. Boniface General Hospital
Con: Dr. David Taggart – Professor of Cardiovascular Surgery, University of Oxford, Consultant Cardiac Surgeon, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, United Kingdom
Open Discussion

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